Have a look at our application forms section to find everything on the account you have chosen with Barclays.

  • Personal Banking applications forms

    Additional account opening forms (288 KB)

    Account opening form - new customers (480 KB)

    Target Save application form (64 KB)

    Scheme loan application form (100 KB)

    Travel notification form (150 KB)

    Customer details update form (410 KB)

  • Business Banking application forms

    Barclays merchant application form (910 KB)

  • Corporate Banking application forms

    Appointment of Bankers and mandate to bank form (88 KB)

    Global account opening form (703 KB)

    ACH user form (96 KB)

    ACH payment request form (193 KB)

    Bond Guarantee indemnity form (101 KB)

    E17 form (223 KB)

    File Gateway application form (752 KB)

    Integrator customer form (299 KB)

    Integrator user form (181 KB)

    Letters of Credit application form (179 KB)

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