She could not believe it! She was among the top 10 employees competing for a new Golf 7 vehicle which was the main incentive of the competition. Goitsemodimo Mokgalo is a Customer Advisor at Barclays Broadhurst branch in Gaborone. Being a Customer Advisor, she is tasked with selling the bank products and services. In her own words she says: “Every day I am expected to deliver world-class customer service and sell relevant products to meet and exceed my customers’ needs and expectations.”

Elated Goitsemodimo says 2014 started on a good note for her, adding that it was a surprise although she put all her efforts and energies to produce good results during the competition.

A highly competitive character, Goitsemodimo said she made a plan to tackle the challenge head on by focusing on one product which she believes was the most challenging amongst the category of products for the challenge.

“I realised that my peers would go for the easiest and fast selling products, and my strategy was to take the one that challenges more. Barclay loan is designed to make the lives of our customers much easier, it meets their day to day needs and I trusted it could increase my chances of winning,” she shared. With Barclay loan, a customer can borrow from P5, 000 to P250, 000; enjoy longer and affordable repayment periods of up to 72 months.

She praised her team at the branch for supporting and rallying behind her throughout the challenge which lasted for 6 months. “They were my inspiration particularly my sales manager and cluster manager who encouraged me on a daily basis to soldier on. I also received a lot of support from my family, especially my husband, as I needed them to understand and appreciate why I spend more time at work.”

She praised Barclays for motivating employees through the campaigns, adding that they bring in a platform for healthy competition at the same time lifting business performance. “It is also an opportunity for us to up our game around customer service whilst we master the products we offer our customers.” One of the challenge targets was for sales people to sell loans worth P15million and Goitse sold more than P18 million in the 6 months period.

Barclays recently hosted a ceremony in honour of its employees who made it to the top during a employee competition they started in July and ended in December to improve sales momentum. The event saw several employees walking away with different prizes including LCDs and ipads. Reinette van der Merwe, Barclays MD said it was pleasing to see employees doing their best in what they master.