Barclays Bank of Botswana is this year’s sponsor of the 17th Kuru Dance Festival scheduled to take place in Dqae Qare San Lodge, in the west of Botswana. The festival is scheduled for the weekend of the full moon, from Friday 28th August to Sunday 30th August. Patrons can look forward to an eventful weekend of celebration of culture through music and dance.

The Kuru Dance Festival comes as a creation developed by the Kuru Development Trust. The Kuru Development Trust was founded in 1986 by a Missionary, the late Braam le Roux and Board members Gaobolelwe Ngakayaja, Arone Johannes (current Board Chairman) and James Morris. The initial focus of the Trust was on livelihoods and economic empowerment projects for the San but could never let go of their dances. The Trust later organized Kuru Dance workshops to promote song and dance. This elevated the dancing spirit of the San within the D’Kar community and ultimately leading to a major highlight of the Botswana cultural calendar to date, the ‘Kuru Dance Festival’.

“The Kuru Dance Festival means a lot to the San, not only from D’Kar but for the San throughout Southern Africa. Our cultural centre, museum and our game farm, Dqae Qare, are anchored around this event, it is the glue that holds our culture together,” said Arone Johannes.

He added: “We are certainly looking forward to welcoming more patrons to the festival this year; another opportunity to share and celebrate our culture with locals and those in the region.” The patron of the Kuru Dance Festival, the Honourable Dr Ponatshego Kedikilwe, is equally pleased that the Dance Festival is back on the arts calendar.

“I am certain that many Kuru Festival lovers will be thrilled to learn that the Festival will be held with pomp this year,” said Dr Kedikilwe.

Supporters of the Kuru Dance Festival can look forward to a colourful event illustrating how diverse the Botswana culture is. The festival also brings an educational, interesting and innovative way of celebrating culture. It has become relevant to both locals and international audiences making it an event one cannot miss.

“We are extremely proud to be sponsors of this esteemed event on Botswana’s cultural calendar this year. We certainly look forward to the event itself and as Barclays Bank Botswana, we are glad to be playing a significant role in enriching and contributing to the sustainability of the arts and cultural landscape of this country,” added Racheal Mushaike, Barclays Bank Head of Marketing and Corporate Relations.