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What you get
  • Interest is calculated daily based on the balance
  • Interest paid quarterly
  • One free withdrawal per quarter. Additional withdrawals charged at P30
  • If you don’t withdraw in the quarter, you earn bonus interest
What you need to know
  • You need a minimum of P2,000 to open and operate the account
What to bring when you apply
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Form 3 (Certificate of Incorporation)
  • Form 2 (shows list of Directors)
  • Form 5 (shows location and address of business)
  • Share Certificates
  • New Company documents registered July 2007:
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Form 13 Consent and Certificate of Directors of an existing Company
    • Form 14 Notice of change of Directors or Secretary and particulars of Directors or secretary
    • Form 15 Notice of change of Registered Office (only required if there is a change after incorporation)
  • Resolution - opening an account with Barclays, stating signing arrangements, signed by ALL directors and stamped by company secretaries/ for an existing account confirmation of the current signatories
  • Directors’ Signatories: ID documents (Omang for Batswana and Passports for non-citizens)
  • Address Verification for the company and Directors: Utility Bills for the Company (not more than three months old) , i.e. Water Utilities Bill, Electricity Bill, Telephone (BTC) Bill, or letters of confirmation from company secretaries Please note both the physical and postal address should be incorporated in the bill
  • Kindly note that if the prospective customer is owned by another Company, we require Certificate of Incorporation, Share Certificates, List of Directors form, Company Structure, Address Verification for the Company & Directors, IDs for all Directors, Signatories into the account and Shareholders OR Key Stakeholders of the parent Company (Omang for Batswana and Passports for non-citizens). All Ultimate Beneficiary Owners KYC is required
  • Company structure stamped by Company Secretaries, showing the names of the key controllers and percentage of shares they hold
  • 12 months’ cash flow projections for new companies or Latest Financial Statements for existing Companies
  • P2,000 opening balance required to activate the account
  • Company profile which should include background about the director/s, company and the services they offer
  • Directors’ source of income and source of funds (payslip) or declaration of income form to be completed

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