We remain active partners in the development of Botswana and over the years we have partnered with several development organisations that  have initiated creative programmes to address the challenges of unemployment and poverty.

Our focus areas

Education and skills

We’ll provide skills development to support employability and self-employability, as well as facilitate access to quality education to deepen knowledge and build skills for the next generation. Under this pillar, we have launched the Ready to Work program which aids young people in their transition from education to the world of work or entrepreneurship.

Ready to Work

This youth-centric program utilizes a combination of digital learning and face- to- face learning curricula for the acquisition of social, entrepreneurial, financial and social skills in preparation for them to either enter the workforce or to run their own businesses in the future. Young people across Africa will have the option of completing two tailor made Ready to Work learning pathways. One prepares them for the world of paid employment whilst the other builds their knowledge of starting and running a small business. The main objective is to better equip them with the skills they need to secure employment of run their own business.

Since its launch in October 2015, Barclays’ colleagues have shared specific modules of the Ready to Work program with students at Ba Isago, Construction Industry Trust Fund, Botho University and at the Botswana Youth Jobs Fair.  Our partners Project Concern International and Stepping Stones International have been conducting face to face training to young people across Botswana and have to date trained over 5000 youth.

The overall aim of this program is to equip youth with core traditional and non-traditional skills that enable them to work in any environment making a smooth transition from academia into the workforce as either an employee or as an employer.

The Barclay F.G Mogae Scholarship was launched in 2008 and has benefitted over 35 young people to date. Other partners, past and present  include Skills Share International and Kalahari Conversation Society

Through our partnership with The Company At Maitisong, we have been able to produce and broadcast Madi Majwana for three seasons with all the private radio stations. Madi Majwana is a financial literacy radio drama that discusses everyday financial issues. 

Enterprise development

We’ll offer innovative financial solutions and business development support services to small and medium businesses to nurture the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Some of our key partners in implementing this pillar include Stepping Stones International, Tweende, Bakgatla Bolokang Matshelo, Mothers and Brothers For All,

It is estimated that approximately 90% of all registered businesses in Botswana are SMEs who employ over 300 000 people formally and informally. Entrepreneurs support their families as well as those of the people they employ. They are also contributors to the import substitution drive that will have a profound effect on our economy.

Indeed, economists consistently advise that SME’s are the engine of growth for any economy and therefore should be provided with the necessary support to succeed and thrive. Barclays recognizes the critical role these enterprises play in the growth and development of the economy and have created three segments, including agriculture, SMMEs and commercial banking, to be able to assist in providing financial support and guidance.

These segments are distinguished by their turnover, and some sectors straddle the divides. The agriculture sector is one such sector. Agriculture has been earmarked for economic growth and diversification as part of the Economic Diversification Drive (EDD). As a result of this, there are several programs that have been put in place to assist producers in the sector to prosper.

Barclays is committed to supporting these programs and the entrepreneurs that are set to benefit from them. We are active across the country, including Pandamatenga, Ghanzi, Thuli Block, and Selibe- Phikwe, in both horticulture and livestock production.

We also look at agro- processing as a secondary form of agricultural production, including inputs and supplies, such as equipment and fertilizer.

Barclays has supported youth entrepreneurs by partnering with entities such as Stepping Stones International, Project Concern International, Bakgatla Bolokang Matshelo and Mothers for All. Through our partnerships we have  provided training, business development services and mentoring for youth in Kasane, Maun, Molepolole, Mochudi and Selebo Phikwe to name some of the villages.

 USAID Credit Guarantee Scheme

In July 2014, Barclays Bank of Botswana launched the USAID Credit Guarantee Scheme in partnership with the United States Embassy. The collaboration will allows SMEs in Botswana to access up to $15 million in loans. This is an important programme, as it will enable these enterprises to access capital to grow their businesses and create more jobs. The initiative is being sponsored by the USAID Development Credit Authority.

We at Barclays are excited about the opportunity that this partnership will provide us to continue contributing to the diversification and strengthening of Botswana’s economy. It will support the government’s Economic Diversification Drive, an initiative that will strengthen the growth of SME’s and their contribution to the economy.

Financial inclusion

We’ll enable digital and non-digital access to the underserved population through value-add products and services to promote wider, convenient access to financial services.

Motshelo Account

The Motshelo account was created to support informal household savings groups. These groups are typical to many African households. The savings vehicle was synonymous with women especially housewives, but has evolved, as is now practiced by all genders in the form of Motshelo societies for example neighborhood watch groups, burial societies, Sunday soccer teams and bridal/baby showers.

Through research and customer feedback, our Retail Support Office identified the problem affecting most informal household group funds as one of safekeeping. Funds could not appreciate because of inadequate safekeeping habits, inaccurate bookkeeping methods and inadequate security measures, pilfering and various other reasons.

The Motshelo account has changed the way we do business by inspiring us to develop solutions for our ‘un-banked’ niches such as these informal savings groups.

This unique niche of customers was not being catered to and who desperately needed to be catered for. The Motshelo account protects the monies of informal savings groups, earns them interest and offers proper fund reconciliation services. A unique feature of the Motshelo account is that it maintains the cultural quintessence of motshelo by combining the social aspect of the group working together to gain interest on their investments- and still makes them financially viable.

Since its launch, the Motshelo account has proven to be a success story with the opening of more than 250 accounts (2500 customers) valued at over P1.5 million within a 3 month period and we are still being inundated on daily basis with calls enquiring about this account.

As a result of fulfilling this niche need, this informal group of money savers now has access to our financial services tailored to suit their needs, empowering them by making them economically viable and sustainable, whilst spearheading and encouraging inclusive growth in a non-traditional area of our economy.

Rhino Debit Card 

Barclays Bank of Botswana launched the Rhino Debit Card in 2015, in an effort to sustain efforts being made in environmental conservation. The card provides all Barclays customers with an opportunity to support conservation by simply swiping their  rhino debit cards at an Barclays Point of Sale (POS) machine. A percentage of the income from the card is donated to the Rhino Conservation Fund, which has been established by Barclays to support conservation efforts. To date over 6000 cards have been distributed and BWP 60,000 donated.

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