It is important to contact us immediately when you know that you have financial difficulties. This will give us an opportunity to assist you manage your debts before your financial situation gets worse. We have different programmes available to our customers to ensure that they get the help they need during this difficult time.

  • Missed a payment on your Loan or Credit Card

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    1. If you have missed your Loan/Credit Card repayment?
    Contact 3634040 or send an email to to make a payment plan.
    2. Missed a payment on your Loan/ Credit Card? Let us know of any changes in your personal details so that your records are kept up to date. This could be your;

    • Contact details
    • Residential address
    • Employment or
    • Banking details

    Email your new details to

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Questions Answers
    1. I lost my job and would like to know what will happen to my debts?
    If you have a retrenchment cover, your Personal Loan/Credit Card will be paid off and Home Loan/Car will only be paid for 12 months.
    If you don’t have a retrenchment cover, you will have to contact Collections and Recoveries Department at Head Office to discuss available options to assist you to pay off your debt.
    2. I am no longer working due to an injury. What happens to my debts? Your loan has Credit Life insurance which covers your loan in the event that you are boarded on medical grounds. If you decide to leave without medical recommendation, you will not be covered by the insurance and you will be expected to pay off your debt.
    3. What should I do to clear my name on the credit listing? You pay what you are currently owing and the status of your listing will be updated on the Credit Bureau.
  • Why am I listed on the Credit Bureau?

    There are 2 types of listing namely; positive listing and negative listing.

    Positive Listing Negative Listing
    •  This is when your Car/Home Loan, Personal Loan/ Credit Card that is not overdue is listed on the Credit Bureau. This is done to keep a record of all your financial obligations. It is done in compliance with Financial Institution practice.
    • This is when your overdue Car/Home Loan, Personal Loan/ Credit Card is listed on the Credit Bureau
  • Auctions

    To find more about our auctions, contact 3634040 or email

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