Our debt financing solution is tailored to help you improve cash flow, refinance existing debt, buy assets, and fund acquisitions to expand your business and achieve your  ambitions.

Corporate loans and finance

Grow your business, recapitalise, and consolidate debt.

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ECA Backed loan

When you change your business needs, we will be there to fund you.

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Bridge loan

Achieve your business ambitions and long-term success.

Exceeding expectations

Our benefits give you extra solutions

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What you get

For Corporate loans and finance

  • Term loan financing for corporate needs

For ECA Backed loan

  • Barclays has extensive relationships with ECA’s all around the world
  • Effective product to reduce political risk and lower funding costs

For Bridge loan

  • Bridge loans to longer term debt or equity take-out, to address short term funding needs
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What you need to know
  • You need not be a Barclays account holder before applying for facility.
  • Barclays offers competitive pricing
  • Good turnaround time from deal origination to execution
  • Barclays has specialised sector expertise across jurisdictions
  • Barclays has indebt knowledge of country specific issues and therefore can structure and advise appropriately
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What to bring when you apply
  • Company profile, including key management personnel information
  • Budget/cash flow projections for the term of the loan
  • Minimum three years historical audited financial statement
  • Most current management account
  • Project information memorandum where available
  • Legal documents covering proposed security (example, land title over property proposed as security)

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