Barclays Integrator gives you direct, secure, 24-hour online access to a full suite of cross border transactional products.


Barclays Integrator gives you cutting edge internet banking

Integrated view

View all your accounts through one portal across Africa, wherever Barclays has a presence.

Integrated functionality

Get access to a wide range of products and services on one interface across Africa, including:

  • Local and international transfers
  • Cross-currency payments
  • Beneficiary maintenance
  • Mobile payments
  • Real time access to bank statements
  • Bank guarantees
  • Letters of credit
Integrated expertise

We give you the most advanced technology available, coupled with the best minds and product specialists in the industry.

The Integrator is a product of in-depth research on client requirements and part of our continued effort to improve service delivery to you, our valued customer.

Integrated service

We offer you world-class service and support for all your electronic banking requirements.

Our fast and reliable service is available to you through a dedicated customer support team in Uganda and across Africa.

We have integrated multiple security features to provide you with maximum security through our dynamic password generation module.

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