Whatever type of payment you have to make, we offer a solution, be it one-off payments, bulk payments, domestic payments or international transfers.

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Domestic Electronic Fund Transfers (Outgoing)                                    

This type of payment is used for high volumes of non-urgent payments, including recurring transactions such as vendor or salary payments.

These services are provided at all our branches and on our internet banking channel, Barclays Integrator.

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Domestic Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)                                      

RTGS is a payment made in any freely traded currency via the local clearing house.

This type of payment method is normally used for payments where same-day value is required.

The service is provided at any of our branches and on our internet banking channel, Barclays Integrator.

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International Payments via SWIFT                                                  

These are international payments in any freely-traded currency, made via SWIFT, an International messaging system.

It enables you to pay for goods and services to a specified destination and in a currency of your choice.

This service is provided at all our branches and on our internet banking channel, Barclays Integrator.

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Instant tax payments at your fingertips

We know that the hassle of paying your taxes can be frustrating. That's why we are offering a service to our customers, which will assist them with e-tax registration and payments. Just another way of making life easier for you our customer!

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Benefits of our e-tax services
  • Our automated system links you to the URA web office for instant and automatic registration and payment of e-tax
  • Instant notification to URA when the payments are made
  • Same day value of clearing for Barclays cheques
  • A uniform charge of UGX 3,000 across all payment modes
  • Wide network based on our retail expansion where customers (even non-Barclays Bank customers) can access this service from almost anywhere
  • Dedicated and well trained team at the branches and notification points, as well as, an excellent customer service team to handle any customer queries and complaints
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How it operates
  • Access an internet point and log on to http://www.ura.go.ug
  • Select payment registration option and fill in soft copy forms correctly
  • Choose to pay through Barclays Bank
  • Print off a Payment Registration Receipt
  • Present instructions (Cash/Cheque, Real Time Gross Settlements (RTGS), Electronic Fund
  • Transfer (EFT) along with the Payment Registration Receipt (PRR) to any Barclays bank branch for capture
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Enjoy the convenience of paying utility bills in a one stop shop free of charge  

In a bid to make your life easier we offer utility bill payment services. With this service you’re able to enjoy the convenience of paying utility bills in a one stop shop free of charge. We receive payments for UMEME, National Water and Sewerage Corporation, and MultiChoice Uganda.

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Payment options

Electronically initiated payments via Barclays Integrator

You can use our online banking system (Barclays Integrator) to electronically transmit instructions to debit your account and credit the respective Utilities accounts from the comfort of your office.

Manual payments

Alternatively, you can send written instructions accompanied by a cheque authorising the bank to debit your accounts and credit the respective Utility companies.

Cash and Cheque deposits over the counter

For over the counter cash and cheque payments, the customer fills in customised deposit slips, and submit the slips (in triplicate) to Barclays Bank, together with the payment. The customer can deposit cash or cheques directly at the counters for credit into respective Utility collection accounts.

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Benefits of making utility bill payments with us
  • Flexibility and convenience since there are different payment options
  • You don't need to visit the Utility bill company office
  • No need to visit the bank; we can pick up your cheques from your offices
  • There's no need to physically move with cash
  • There are no more queues in the banking halls to make your payments
  • The utility companies are notified on a daily basis of payments made in their accounts

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