Let’s help you optimise and manage your working capital effectively. Our liquidity management offers you treasury bonds, treasury bills, money market and treasury deposits.

Find out about our liquidity management offerings.

Earn interest

Attractive returns offered via our interest-bearing accounts.

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Money management

Manage your surplus funds efficiently.

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Foreign exchange offering

Buy and sell foreign exchange at competitive rates.

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Grow your business’ investment

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Foreign exchange

Spot transactions

This is an agreement to buy one currency against selling another at an agreed price for settlement in two working days, although same day or next day delivery is available in some currencies.

Forward transactions

We can structure forward contracts for any period up to one year to eliminate your exchange rate risk during that period. Forward contracts are available in all major currencies and can be either fixed or option dated.

Currency repo

If you are a financial institution in Botswana and have Botswana Government securities, we can arrange a currency repurchase agreement to help you access the foreign cash you need. We can lend for up to 12 months. You will need to secure the loan against the securities you hold.

The Bank of Botswana encourages this form of collateralised lending.

Risk management

Do you want to manage and reduce the risks of doing business? We’ll help you manage Currency, interest rate, inflation and commodity price risks to acceptable levels.

Whether you want to be sure of your cost of borrowing or a guarantee of what your worst-case scenario will be, we will:

  • Work with you to understand your requirements
  • Develop a range of bespoke solutions for you to consider
  • Execute the solution that you decide is right for you.

We can provide you with regular market updates and access to our award winning research, including conference calls with our economics team.

Investment services and market updates

Government securities

We are the leading Primary Dealer in Government of Botswana securities. You can buy these securities through us in both the primary and secondary markets. We cover everything from 91-day Treasury Bills to 15-year bonds..

Other investments

We can arrange fixed term deposits at highly favourable interest rates. We can also help you invest in Treasury Bills and Bonds, and Commercial Paper.

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