Even when you don’t have any data, Cashsend is a mobile banking solution that lets you send money to any person in the country who has a mobile phone and is able to get to a Barclays ATM, anywhere.

How it works

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Special Features
  • Send money across the country to family members or friends quick and easy
  • The person receiving the funds does not need to have a bank account
  • Withdrawal of funds is done at any Barclays ATM without using a card
  • CashSend is a safe way to send money to anyone in Uganda quickly and conveniently
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How to send money at the ATM

Sending money is easy and only takes a few minutes by following these easy instructions.

  • A Barclays customer inserts their ATM card into any Barclays ATM and selects the 'More Services' option
  • Select the 'Money Voucher' option
  • Enter the amount you wish to send
  • Create a 4 digit 'Voucher pin' (you will have to enter this twice)
  • Select the option to enter a phone number and enter the recipients’ mobile phone number. Or you can opt to proceed without entering a recipient’s phone number.
  • Conclude the transaction
  • Take and retain the receipt as proof of the transaction
  • Tell the recipient what the 4 digit 'Voucher Pin' is and, if you opted not to enter their mobile phone number, ensure you tell the recipient the 'Voucher Number' (located on the receipt)
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How to send money using Hello Money
  1. Dial *233# and enter your 4-digit PIN
  2. Select option 4 for CashSend
  3. Enter recipient’s phone number
  4. Enter amount
  5. Select account number to be debited
  6. Create a recipient PIN for the transaction
  7. Confirm to complete the transaction
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How to receive money

If the sender entered the mobile phone number of the recipient, the recipient will receive an SMS from Barclays.

  • The message will contain the following information:
    • A message informing the recipient that money has been sent to them and is ready for collection
    • A unique 8 digit 'Voucher Number'
    • The recipient will go to any Barclays ATM and select the 'Cardless services' option
  • The recipient will enter:
    • The 8 digit 'Voucher number' (from the Barclays SMS or as told to him/her by the sender)
    • The 4 digit 'Voucher pin' (as communicated by the sender) he full amount of money will be dispensed
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