If you want to save time, money and the environment, eStatements are the perfect choice. They are much easier to keep track of and more secure than paper statements, too. So why not go paperless and enjoy digital banking at your fingertips?

How it works

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The benefits of eStatements
  • eStatements are free
  • You’ll get your statement faster that through the post
  • They are secure. Your statement will be delivered as a PDF document and you will need a password to open it
  • You’ll get your statement wherever you are in the world
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What do I need to do to register for the service?
  • Visit your nearest Barclays branch and complete the registration form
  • Please ensure that your email address is correct and active
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eStatement?

An eStatement is an electronic statement version of your account activity over a period of time.

Who qualifies for an  eStatement?

All retail banking customers qualify.

What does a customer need to do to register for the service?

Visit the nearest branch to complete the registration form. Please ensure that the email address is accurate and active.

Is there a fee for this service?

No, this service is absolutely free.

Forgot your password?

Please refer to the email sent with your eStatement for guidance or call 0800 600 444/+267 315 9575

Will customers continue to receive statements through the post?

No. Once registered for eStatements, customers will only receive their statements via email.

Can I receive my eStatements on more than one email address?

Yes. All you have to do is to sign up using all the email addresses that you want to receive your statements on.

Note: Customers who have registered for eStatements, will be CHARGED for paper statements requested either via the branch or Call Centre.

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